Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Adventures in House Hunting

We saw some very memorable properties in our search for our home. Some of the things that stood out:
We walked into a child's bedroom that had been painted bright blue and green. We looked down, and realized that they had painted the particle board sub floor blue to match the walls.
Another home was advertised as 2 bathrooms. It was a small, 1,000 square foot ranch that had a large family room and bedroom added off the back. The new bedroom opened into one of the original bedrooms, which then had 2 doors (and wasn't a very big room). I keep looking for the second bathroom. The basement was partially finished. It had a family room, and then a laundry room/storage/mechanical area. At one end of the laundry/storage/mechanical area was a toilet, vanity, and shower-- all open to the rest of the area. I'm trying to figure out if the laundry/storage/mechanical area was in the bathroom or vice versa.
One house had a partially finished basement. There was one room that was completely finished. It had very dark wood panelling, and the steel door that led into it was secured by two deadbolts. There was a large rack on one wall. As we pondered this strange little room (that smelled quite musty, I suggested maybe it had been used to store guns. Sure enough, the key tag on the key in the door said, "gun room."
Early afternoon, I sent a text with the addresses of the two houses I liked best up to that point to my siblings and a couple of very close friends. One responded that she was pleased. One asked questions about the house and told me the stock market was up, so it might be a good day to sell some investments for a down payment. One responded that she really liked the name of the street my top choice was on. The rest of the afternoon the realtor and I kept talking about what a great street name it was.
I didn't sleep well last night. I had some iced tea on the way home to help me stay awake. Of course, the caffeine didn't understand that I wanted it to wear off once we got home. It was after 1:00, before I got to bed, and then my mind kept racing-- what furniture will I take? How will I dispose of the rest of it? Where we will put the cat boxes? The space is compact, what will I do with the file cabinets? Should I put closet organizers in our bedroom closets before we move in? Is that something I could do myself? How hard will it be to match the brown of the current garage door in a new door?
Now we have one more exciting thing that Daughter and I can't talk about yet here in Tiny Village. I will be so glad when we can be more open about what's happening. Daughter got up in a good mood this morning. She's happy about the house.


Anonymous said...

Moving is so exciting! And it's good that you have several houses that you like to choose from. Yes, I think you should install the closet organizers before you put your clothes in the closets; it will save work.
One thing, if the floors need refinishing I'd recommend doing it before you arrange all your furniture and install the window treatments.

Reverend Mom said...

I wish there were floors to refinish-- at this point it's all carpet and vinyl. I'm hoping at some point to put down some hardwood floors....

It's hard to work today-- my mind continues to race. I am very excited.