Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Value of Sleep

Daughter had been prescribed a rather large dose of trazadone for sleep, and when she was doing better I began to back off on it. Yesterday she told me she was having trouble sleeping at night, so I took her up to a full dose. She was dry this morning. She woke up happy. She hadn't raided the kitchen during the night, so her blood sugar was good. I told her that I had a meeting today, so she didn't call me, begging me to pick her up. When she got off the bus tonight, she was chipper. She leaned against me and slept for an hour, and then we enjoyed a supper of corn and hamburgers. I'm going to keep her on the full dose until we've settled into Capital.
I have decided that when we move, I'm going to dump her urine soaked mattress. She told me she'd like to have the bunk bed with a futon on the bottom that is in the guest room back in her bedroom. I've decided that the third bedroom will by an office with a futon for guests rather than a dedicated guest room. I want to take my big desk, and I want a place where I can retreat to work on things away from our living. I'm making other decisions about the house, too. I've decided I'm going to do some more work and make some more purchases before/as we move in. My calendar is beginning to fill up, and I'm going to have to sit down and prioritize the things I need to do before we leave. I also need to get serious about packing and about sorting through the things we're moving and the things that need to be donated or thrown away.
Today I received an email from a woman in Capital. She didn't get to welcome me Sunday, but wanted to extend her welcome today. I was pleased. I also talked to a man who is grieving my departure. I need to save my celebration and be present with the folks here in Tiny Village. It will be a balancing act, to be sure.

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