Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I bought boxes today. I'm going to begin sorting through some things and decluttering. I was thinking that since I will be making a couple of more trips to Capital prior to the move, it might be a good time to start moving some boxes of books. Books are expensive to pack and to move, so any I can do will save the church money.
It's getting more real, more exciting, and more overwhelming. I have a home inspection scheduled for Monday at noon. We'll drive up and come back the same day. I'm beginning to think through the furniture I'll keep and what I'll get rid of. There are lots of decisions to be made. Daughter is doing pretty well overall. She's calling me at least once a day, anxious about the move. I'm generally able to calm her down, and she ends the day chipper.
I also spent some time today pondering what sermons I want to preach in September, as I prepare Tiny Village for my departure. I need to make sure I do a good job of ending here, and that I equip them to carry on as they enter the journey towards their next pastor.

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