Monday, August 30, 2010

GI Doc

Today I had a follow up appointment with the Nurse Practitioner in the GI practice where I had the scope done in June. She said I had some pretty impressive inflammation in my esophagus and the damage had caused a significant stricture. The reflux was responsible for my lack of voice in the mornings. There was a while when I had a hard time when every Sunday people would ask me if I had a bad cold because my voice was so raspy. Last time I was in she doubled my medication and told me to elevate the head of my bed. She also told me to modify my diet and stop taking ibu.profen.
I elevated the head of my bed 6 inches. I'm doing pretty well with the diet-- though I still drink tea with caffeine in the mornings. I'm taking ty.lenol now for my arthritis. I'm feeling better, but still having symptoms. She doubled my medication-- again. She also told me I need to find a GI doctor as soon as I move.
It's sad that I ignored my symptoms until it got so bad. I spend so much time transporting Daughter to appointments that my own needs get pushed aside. I was talking to Far Away Sister when I left there, and it suddenly hit me-- a medical appointment will no longer require at least an hour in the car. A medical appointment will no longer be a half day affair. Maybe I will be able to see to my own medical needs after we move....

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