Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Okay, It's Progress

Daughter was up at 4:00 this morning, saying she thought her blood sugar was low. Unfortunately her meter was downstairs. I told her she could run down and get it, but she had to come straight upstairs and check there. She took too long, so I knew she was into food. Of course she denied it. Her blood sugar was fine, but she was slow returning to her room. I was tired, and never got out of bed, figuring I'd deal with it this morning.
This morning, her blood sugar was high. Again she insisted she hadn't been into any food. I told her if that was the case, she should wash her hands and recheck, because maybe her blood sugar was actually lower. She protested, but did as she was told, and the reading was still high. She again insisted she hadn't been into anything. I told her I wasn't stupid, and reminded her it was easier to just tell the truth because I wasn't as mad as I when she continues to lie. I told her to go into the kitchen and gather her breakfast stuff, and be ready to tell me the truth when I came in with her pills and insulin. She refused, going into the living room instead to sit defiantly. She was there maybe 15 seconds before she said, "Okay, I was into candy."
I have a candy jar of colorful Christmas hard candy on my shelves. She is allowed to have one piece when she wants it. Last night she grabbed "a couple of hand fulls." I thanked Daughter for telling me the truth. Today I will give the candy and candy jar to secretary. Tonight I will make sure she takes her meter upstairs with her when she goes to bed.

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