Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Playmate for Kitten

The last few days Daughter has been bugging me to get a playmate for Kitten. She insists that Kitten is lonely since Cat died, and needs a playmate. I said absolutely not on a puppy, and have been delaying the question of a kitten. Yesterday she started in again, and I told her I wouldn't consider any new pets until after we were moved and settled in our new home. She was disappointed, and then she explained to me why she wants a new puppy or kitten.
When she sees Best Friend Mommy with her baby, she is jealous, and she wants one. She knows she isn't ready to care for a human infant, so she wants to get a very young kitten or puppy she could bottle feed and nurture. I have to say, I was impressed. This is a huge step for her. I told her yesterday that we could talk about a kitten after we were moved and settled in our new home. We won't be getting one so young it needs a bottle (though I didn't tell her that), but if she is still wanting a baby animal to love and nurture, I may consider it. I'm glad she's no longer telling me she wants to adopt a baby. (Pictures of childbirth convinced her she never wants to give birth-- plus she still is terrified of anything sexual.) This plan is much more realistic and a better way to take care of her desire to nurture.

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