Sunday, August 15, 2010

Did I Volunteer for That?

This afternoon was the board meeting at which I asked for next Sunday off so I can go to Capital to preach and be officially called as their pastor. Against the advice of some, I told the board what was happening. Some new, most were surprised. Even those who were surprised knew it was a possibility. Actually, I was surprised by how few actually knew. We had 2 people here to answer some of their questions and concerns, and they had many questions.
They definitely want to get an interim pastor, and want someone here as quickly as possible after I leave. They're frustrated at the time the search process will take. They are sad, but supportive. My plan was for September 26 to be my last Sunday, and then to move the following week and start in Capital October 18. The board thought it would be good to have communion my last Sunday. I agreed. So, I'm still moving the same time, but I'll come back one more time to preach and celebrate communion with them on October 3, which is World Communion Sunday. I can't believe I agreed to do that. It feels right, though. One final visit, and then we'll be done. It will also be exhausting, and I am probably crazy to even consider it, let alone volunteer to do it.


maeve said...

Great solution. If I needed a pastor I'd look for you.

Reverend Mom said...

Yes, it is a good solution. It is also going to be stressful. It's one of the reasons ministry is hard on the health.