Thursday, August 12, 2010

Return to the Workshop

Daughter told me yesterday she wants to go back to the Sheltered Workshop. Her reasons keep changing:
  • It's too noisy at the Gift Shop (it's quieter than it is at the workshop).
  • She wants to be with her friends (though most of them are no longer at the workshop).
  • She wants to work on her job skills so she can get community employment when we move.

I suspect the stress of the anticipation of the move is hard on her, and she is trying to run away from it, thinking it is connected with the Gift Shop. We talked to Therapist about it this morning, and had a conversation with Case Manager this afternoon. I have suggested that she try one day a week, and if that goes well, we'll gradually increase it. I've also made clear that she has to work if she wants to stay at the workshop. I suspect she may be going there for attention. When I asked for specific names of friends she wants to be with, the vast majority of them are supervisors and administration.

Case Manager agreed with my plan, and is going to take it to the higher ups. Do I think she'll be happy at the workshop? No. I do think, though, that I have to step aside and give her a chance, and set it up in a way that gives her an opportunity to succeed. We'll see how it works. Maybe I should set up a pool and give you all the opportunity to predict how long it will last. I think the plan is for her to go to the workshop this coming Tuesday. It will be interesting.

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