Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Second and Third Things I Won't Miss

The church here in Tiny Village does not have AC, so if it's too hot in the sanctuary when they open the church, worship is moved to the basement. The board set a temperature at which we move. There are some who do not want to move downstairs ever, so they go through amazing contortions to get the temperature down enough upstairs. Today, they'd even put a fan blowing on the key thermostat so it would read cool enough. It was a cooler morning, and it was fine.
Our office area is at the back of the church. It faces west and has stained glass windows in it. It gets very hot when the afternoon and evening sun beat on it, and because of the thick brick walls, it retains that heat. When we get in on summer mornings, we open the doors at either end of the office and start some fans to get a breeze through the office. It is almost always cooler outside than in the office in the mornings. This morning I walked into the office and there is a huge note taped to Secretary's computer monitor that says that no doors are to be opened if the temperature is over 80 outside. We can use fans if we want a breeze. We were directed to call Angry Man if we had any questions.
I went out and stood on the front porch to get some cooler air and pray. After worship, I told the man who is in charge of the building board to meet me in the office. I gave him 2 DSL filters that need to be installed (I tried, but there weren't modular jacks, so I wasn't going to mess with it.) I showed him the note from Angry Man. He chuckled and shook his head. I told him that if it is cooler outside than it is in the office, we will be opening the doors, but I will keep the doors leading to the sanctuary closed. I told him it was a safety issue, and if we couldn't do that, we wouldn't be able to work in this area and they'd have to figure something else out. He said that would be fine.
I won't miss Angry Man, and I won't miss the lack of AC. Capital's building has air conditioning.


maeve said...

Sadly, Angry Man = power and control man. They're everywhere. He can't smack you upside the head so he leaves you sticky notes. Pretty funny considering that he hasn't figured out that he's gonna need to find a new pastor soon. Wonder if she'll let him smack her upside her head. It's gonna be a "girl" you know! No one else would work there after you tell them what it's really like.

Reverend Mom said...


You are so right-- part of his issue is his personal life is a disaster right now. I may not be contacted by people considering the church-- hopefully they will have a skilled interim who can address some of these problems.