Friday, July 23, 2010

The First Thing I Will Miss

As I was pulling back into my driveway after breakfast in Town, a car pulled in behind me. It was one of our farm wives, and she was on a mission to get rid of the corn they'd picked this morning. They spent Wednesday freezing corn, yesterday at the farm market selling corn, and today they were giving it away. I have 6 ears of corn sitting on my kitchen table. I'll be getting hamburgers out of the freezer and we will feast on hamburgers from the grill and fresh picked corn tonight for supper. Somehow I don't expect that when we move to Capital there will be people who will follow me into my driveway and beg me to take their fresh out of the field corn. I will miss that. My celebratory breakfast was great. In addition to celebrating, there was a bit of grief work as Organist mourns the death of her father 6 months ago.
Now I'm off to City to visit the man how got a new knee yesterday.

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