Sunday, July 25, 2010

The First Improvement

I am almost afraid to blog about this, but.... Daughter has now been dry 4 nights in a row. This is the longest dry stretch since she began wetting the bed at the end of January when we were out of town interviewing for a church. I'm thinking the uncertainty and fear were major contributors the bed wetting.
It's interesting, because there is still so much that is unknown, but she is obviously pleased to know where we are going, even if where we will live and when we will move is still uncertain. This afternoon we are going to look at houses online and prioritize the ones we want to see next Sunday/Monday. We are also going to begin to make a list of the things we need to do before we move. Once we know where we will be living, we can begin to make decisions about what furniture we'll take and what furniture we'll leave behind.
While Daughter has her moments of insisting she is not going to move, she is generally very excited about it. The fear is there, but it's not overwhelming her. Seeing how she is handling this gives me great hope that she will blossom once we move. Far Away Sister and her family sent Daughter the book Beginning. It arrived yesterday. We read through it, and it helped Daughter talk about some of her feelings. I think we will set aside to read it on a daily basis. We need to write a thank you not to Far Away Sister. She bought the book several years ago for Tall Niece and Nephew as they were getting ready to move across the country, and she thought it would be helpful for Daughter, she was right.

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