Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I can tell I'm going to become an even better juggler over the next few months. This morning between home and the church office I was dealing with approving revisions to the brochure to introduce me to Capital, Sunday bulletin, August newsletter, invitation letter for other churches to September event, mortgage broker (I now have a preapproval letter), handing off a monthly task to Secretary, computer problems, regional church overseers, phone calls, and Daughter (she wanted me to come get her because it was too noisy). When I left, I ate lunch at home and then headed to City (24 miles each way) to visit one of the saints.
Daughter made it through the day, and is doing a better job of being cooperative tonight, for which I'm grateful. The couple who was supposed to come for premarital counseling this evening cancelled. They've decided to get married elsewhere, and I'm relieved. It had the potential to be a very messy situation.
Far Away Sister is sending me the spreadsheet she used to evaluate houses when they moved a couple of years ago. Tonight I discovered that the reason the picture of the kitchen in my favorite house is at a weird angle is to cover that it is VERY small. I suspect that it is so small it will take that house out of the running, which is too bad. I received a bunch of forms from Realtor. The purchase offer paperwork is much more involved than it was 20 years ago when I purchased a home. Of course, it varies from state to state, and I'm buying in a different state this time.
Even with all the responsibilities I'm juggling right now, I feel good. I'm excited about the future, and it's a wonderful feeling!

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