Sunday, July 25, 2010

They Said That?

This afternoon I got a call from a woman in Capital. She was putting together an information sheet on me to take to a special board meeting tomorrow night. She wanted me to look at it. She said she was amazed at how lucky they were as she began to list my various gifts. I told her not to make me sound too good! She emailed me a copy of it so I could look over it. She wanted help on what to say about Daughter. I was pleased with her sensitivity on that, and put in that 20 years ago I had opened my home and my heart to a hurting 3 year old, and that Daughter is as excited about the move as I am.
She quoted things I had said in interviews. I sounded pretty good. The most interesting thing, though, was what my references had said. My preaching and pastoral care were praised. The best line was, "She is smart, articulate, interesting with an excellent memory." I said that whoever said that hadn't tested my memory since menopause! The woman thought that was amusing, but suggested it wouldn't be a good thing to put on the information sheet. I don't know, maybe then they wouldn't expect so much of me-- they're doing an excellent job of selling me!

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