Thursday, July 29, 2010


Daughter has been eating the same cereal every morning for a couple of weeks. Today she wanted a different kind. I immediately got suspicious, and asked what had happened to the cereal she'd been eating. She pointed to the unopened box. "It's there. I'm trying to do better. Why don't you trust me?"
"It's going to take time for you to earn my trust. The night before last you ate all the pretzels." It's a common conversation to which she has no response. A few minutes later, I opened the refrigerator door. The broccoli salad was missing. She raided the refrigerator during the middle of the night. Sigh. She spent the rest of the morning yelling at me.


Anonymous said...

Maybe your new home will have an area in the kitchen that you can lock, plus a mini fridge that you can lock.
I live in an old house that we have extensively remodeled/upgraded during the years. It's nice to live in a Georgian-style home that was built in 1860 but for some reason the original architect didn't include central air conditioning, walk-in closets, energy-saving windows, natural gas heat or an in-ground pool. We added those but one feature we didn't change was the butler's pantry off the main kitchen. You really could use a separate room with a door that locks for food storage.

Reverend Mom said...

I'm hoping there will be an easy way to secure food in my new home. I hate living with everything locked up, but it's better than trying to figure out insulin needs when I don't know how much food she is actually eating. I've been considering looking for a refrigerator that locks. I realized that if I had a side by side, I could use a bicycle lock on the door handles. It wouldn't be pretty, but it would work. If I don't have a pantry I can lock in the new house, I may buy a locking cabinet and place it somewhere close to the kitchen to store things that Daughter finds tempting.

I know she loves broccoli salad, so this was the third batch I'd made in the last few weeks. I told her this morning I wouldn't be able to make it any more, as it is too big a temptation for her.

Anonymous said...

Yes! A side by side that locks! When I was in grad school I had a friend who rented a room inna big old house and in the kitchen were about six refrigerators, each side-by-sides with locks on each side and threatening notes on the door that went something like: This food belongs to Brian. Do NOT steal it! If you do I'll find out who you are (MEAGAN!!!. Yes, I know you stole my rocky road ice cream and those fig bars my mother made) I swear I'll hunt you down and make you pay back every penny for all the food you took, you fat, greedy b*&#@!
You might want to forgo the threatening letter but a locking fridge will put the point across (and hopefully cause your DD to feel some guilt for doing what she knows is wrong