Friday, July 30, 2010

Anxiety and Waiting

Daughter is understandably anxious about the move. When she's anxious, she needs more mommy time. I'm getting multiple phone calls from her every day. It gets annoying, but I recognize where the need is coming from, so I work very hard at being patient. So far, she hasn't called at a time when I couldn't take a minute to calm her down and provide reassurance. So far, she hasn't objected when I haven't agreed to come running to rescue her. The other day, after she called me, sobbing, she went and found Super Supervisor. She told SS that she needed a mommy. SS asked if I was coming, and Daughter told her I wasn't. So SS held Daughter. Physical contact is supposedly against the rules, but that didn't stop her. She gave Daughter what she needed at that point in time.
I've been making time for Daughter when she first gets home. I sit down on the couch and she sits next to me. She leans against me. We may talk for a few minute, but generally she just falls asleep. By 4:00, she is exhausted. I'm hoping that locating a house will reduce her anxiety. If that doesn't work, I hope that between phone calls and SS, she will be able to manage the anxiety until the move. The other day when she called, I asked if calling and talking to me helped. She said it did. I then reminded her that the most important thing about the move is that we'll still be together.
When we moved here, it wasn't as long a process. I had already resigned from the church in City, so I didn't need to give them notice. We didn't have to find housing here, as the church provides us with this wonderful home. This time, it's going to take longer. It's going to be more complicated. Last time, we were moving into a much larger house, this time, we'll most likely be moving into a smaller house. Last time, everything was moved here, to the house, because there wasn't an office in the church (that was one of the changes I made-- an office and secretary at the church). This time, my books and such will need to go to the office at the church. When we moved here, she started 3rd grade in the fall. This time, we'll have to go in and figure out what resources are available and what best meets her needs. She has reason to be anxious. I'm grateful that between phone calls and SS, we're able to help her manage that anxiety.

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