Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wow! A Miracle

Saturday the Sunday School Superintendent came by and informed me Sunday School for youth and adults was broken. She told me it wasn't her job to fix it, it was mine (I'm told to stay away from Sunday School until it hits a crisis, then the same people who tell me to stay away come running and tell me to fix it). I spent today looking for new curriculum, and we had a meeting this evening. I gave them Modern Parables as an option.
They decided to show the videos the youth and adults, and then have the adults and youth split up for the discussion following the video whenever there are enough youth to have a decent discussion. They decided that we should show trailers for the series in worship, beginning this Sunday. They want me to bring out the dreaded projector and screen. They want the trailers shown during the worship service. The only time I used the projector in worship, I was told it was a good video but I shouldn't do it again. Now they want it used. They want it used every Sunday for the next 6 weeks in worship to advertise the new Sunday School program this fall. They want it used every Sunday in Sunday School. Maybe there has been progress here in Tiny Village. Maybe they are willing to proclaim the Gospel in new ways, like our vision statement says.

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