Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Angry Man

Angry Man just arrived at my home to do some work and take some measurements. He informed me that there are too be no more animals in the parsonage, though he will graciously allow Cat and Kitten to stay. He reiterated that the church will not pay for high speed Internet, though if I can show hard figures to prove it saves money, he might consider it at some point in the future. He told me I have to move youth group because he doesn't want them meeting during finance and building meetings. Finance and building meetings are much more important than youth group. I pointed out that his meetings were moved to youth group night so that the groups could meet at the same time, and he could move his meeting-- even if it is upstairs to the office. I may have won that one-- we'll see.
He informed me that the current budget is unsustainable, and we will not be able to continue it. He says that even though we are currently over $7,000 ahead of budget for the year. He doesn't care how much money we're receiving, the current budget is too high and can't be sustained. Facts don't matter.
Yes, I'm going to work on my paperwork so I can begin to search much more actively after the first of the year. He informed me they will never again call a pastor who has pets. I hope that works out for them.


Jeri said...

Guess they REALLY would have had a hard time with St.Francis of Assisi, huh. So let me see if I have this right: counting beans is more important than saving souls of youth.... geez, can HE be the one to move on?

Reverend Mom said...

They don't believe in all that saint stuff.... I can't imagine a situation in which he would move on. What I do know is that whenever things are going well and the church is growing, someone has to stir up a conflict. He's going to be frustrated, because I'm not going to get drawn into it. I've got better ways to spend my energy.