Monday, November 2, 2009

Back in the Routine

Daughter got up the first time I called her this morning, eager to go back to the workshop. Today is my day off, and C is coming this morning. We're going to continue our assault on the paper mountain in the study and dining room. I feel good about the progress we are making. I will be able to keep C busy for many hours as we tackle the neglected corners of the house. The last few years the focus has been on my parents, not my home, and it shows.
It would be nice if I could get Daughter to get with the program. She has a habit of leaving something in the car every time she is in it, so yesterday I took advantage of her guilt about claiming voices to get out of laundry and told her to go get her stuff out and put it away properly. After she went to bed, I discovered that her interpretation of "properly" involved dumping everything on the steps. So this morning, after she was ready to go, I told her to take those things up and put them away properly. She scurried off, and even commented about how much stuff she had on the steps. I asked if she'd put it away properly, or dumped it in her room. She admitted that she'd dumped it in her room, stating she'd deal with it tonight. I asked her how many more times she was going to move those things around before she put them away, and insisted she do it right then. Supposedly, she's done that. I hope she's telling the truth this time, but I won't hold my breath.
My sisters continue to be concerned for my safety. The knives are locked up, and she seems to have better control of her temper now, so I'm not too concerned. I guess even during good times, the water I live in is relatively hot. Maybe that's why I keep the thermostat at 62....

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