Thursday, November 26, 2009

The First Thanksgiving

We survived the first Thanksgiving without our parents. There were just 10 of us, Sister, Ex-Brother-in-law, Little Niece, Brother, Sister-in-law, and Ex-BIL's mom, sister and aunt. Daughter asked Sister if she could light a candle in memory of Mom and Dad and say the prayer. She did a beautiful job. I was proud of her. She handled the day pretty well. She had to talk to me a couple of times--she was missing Nice Guy, and there was some grief. I kept referring her back to her list of things for which she is thankful.
As we were coming to the motel after our day with family, she told me she had been hearing voices. I asked what they were telling her. At first she said lots of different things, so I asked her to share two of the things with me. They were telling her she couldn't handle having a boyfriend. She said, "I'm showing them they're wrong. I'm handling having a boyfriend." They were also telling her she'd never be able to live independently. "I told them there isn't any rush and I can take it slowly at my pace and I'll know when I'm ready to be independent." Once again I was proud of her. She's asleep, and I'm headed that way, too. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Adelaide Dupont said...

I LOVE the way that Daughter was able to 'talk back' to her voices and send alternative messages to them.

And it was good you were able to use the grateful list together.

Overall, it seems the first Thanksgiving without the patriarch and matriarch was good.