Sunday, November 1, 2009

They're Back-- Maybe

The voices are back. She's not raging-- yet. She woke up complaining about cramps. She is very dramatic with just minor pain. I figured that the reminder of bowling this afternoon would do wonders for relieving her pain-- or at least the complaints. I was shocked when she said she might be too sick to go to bowling. I gave her a couple of ibuprofen with breakfast, and she made it through worship and Sunday School. We came home, and while I fixed lunch, she unloaded the dishwasher-- v e r y s l o w l y. I told her I wanted her to take care of the laundry before bowling. Instead, she sat down in a chair and fell asleep.
She woke up just in time to leave for bowling (amazing). She promised she'd take care of the laundry as soon as we got home. She had a great time bowling, but the complaints started on the way home. She would be better off dead, she didn't belong here. So it was no surprise when she informed me she couldn't do the laundry. I broke it down into smaller pieces for her, "just fold 5 of the little yellow towels." She finally stormed off to her room, informing me she belonged in the hospital and couldn't do it. I folded the clothes in less than 10 minutes. At 6:00, she came downstairs for supper. She apologized and put the laundry away.
I'm hoping that if she gets a good night's sleep and gets back into her routine tomorrow she'll feel better. I'm not sure if the voices are really back-- or what's going on. I hope the voices are gone. I hope that this medication increase stopped the voices. I'm hoping. Time will tell. We'll take it one day at a time.

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