Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Balancing out the Day

This afternoon I visited Historian. He had missed a few Sundays (he is in his mid 80's), and his daughter was concerned about his mental state. Historian and I have worked closely on a number of major projects for the church, including writing a history of the church. I had received a copy of a chapter of a history book that was about our congregation from the individual who had recently translated it into English, so I took this to show Historian. He began our conversation by telling me that never, in the history of the church, had the congregation been in such good shape financially. He pointed to the surplus in the general fund and the money to fund all the building improvements that are currently taking place. In addition to new carpet, Angry Man measured 5 windows in my home for replacement this afternoon.
I thanked Historian, and told him I'd needed his reminder today. He has always been a listening ear for me. I told him a bit about my conversation with Angry Man. He offered me a beer, pointing out it had to be 5:00 someplace. I declined, but eventually accepted a glass of wine, which was wonderful. This evening I met with a bride to finalize wedding plans. Tomorrow afternoon I get to go visit our new baby.
Daughter made it through her friend's funeral today. She was angry that I wouldn't jump in the car the minute she got home to take her to basketball practice. She is going to get the schedule tomorrow, and I will try to get her to the rest of the practices. She tried to do basketball a couple of years ago, but ended up quitting because it was too hard to regulate her blood sugar. Practice is right at supper time, which makes it harder to balance out her blood sugar. Tonight I couldn't take her because of my commitment to the bride.
All in all, it was a good, productive day. I feel good about some of the things I got done, and I enjoyed my visit with Historian. Angry Man is one sad man, and he is not going to be able to stop what God is accomplishing here in Tiny Village.

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