Sunday, November 8, 2009


Far Away Sister took her kids to get the H1N1 shot Thursday after school. Friday Nephew stayed home with a cough. By evening, he had a fever of over 103. According to the doctor, he has a relatively mild case, but Far Away Sister is having to give him both motrin and tylenol to keep his fever down. He's been pretty miserable. They are sanitizing everything and getting everything for him to keep him from touching anything.
So this afternoon I was talking to Far Away Sister and commented that Daughter was upstairs coughing. She said, "Uh-oh." By supper time Daughter was leaning against me and felt hot to me. I had her check her temperature, and texted the result to Far Away Sister-- 99.8. She called immediately. It's exactly the way Nephew's illness started. Daughter had her head in my lap and was coughing. Far Away Sister said she sounded like Nephew. I'm running through my schedule in my mind, trying to figure out how much I"m going to have to cancel this week. Daughter is already telling me how much her chest hurts when she coughs. She will be a terrible patient. It will be a challenge showing sympathy to someone who is so dramatic . I'm taking it one day at a time, which means I have 3 commitments for tomorrow that will probably need to be cancelled. Far Away Sister helpfully pointed out that the side effects of Tamiflu include psychosis and suicidal thoughts. One day at a time.