Thursday, November 26, 2009

Special Olympics and Thanksgiving

I took Daughter to basketball practice yesterday for Special Olympics. I had doubts, but she wanted to be on the team, so I took her. Nice Guy is on the team, so she wanted to be on it, too. Because NG is on the team, she wasn't going to show any weakness. The coach was working them hard. By 45 minutes into a 90 minute practice, it was obvious that she was wiped out. Her tremors were becoming progressively worse. She was becoming less coordinated. She was still pushing hard, though. M, the coordinator, who knew my misgivings, told Daughter to go get a drink. Then she went over and talked to her. She convinced Daughter that she should do basketball skills instead. Daughter acknowledged that by the end of the practice she would have collapsed.
When we got outside, Daughter began to cry, very disappointed that she couldn't do it. We talked about it, and I told her I'd take her to one of the games. She insisted she couldn't go to the Thanksgiving Eve service when we got home, but I told her I thought after a few minutes rest she'd be okay. When I went upstairs to check on her, she was sound asleep, face down on her bed in just her bra and panties. Kitten was perched on her butt. Basketball skills will take much less time, and she will be successful at that. I know she's disappointed, but I'm relieved.
When we got over to the church, she overheard me responding to some one's question about Brother-in-law, so I had to fill her in on what was happening. She told me again that she couldn't do Thanksgiving without Grandma and Grandpa, so we sat down and wrote a long list of all the things she still has to be thankful for (including all her doctors and every pet in the extended family). I told her she needed to carry the list with her and look at it anytime she's feeling sad. That seemed to help.
I'm very proud of Daughter, because she expressed her disappointment over basketball and her grief around Thanksgiving. There was a time when she would have acted out, leaving me to guess what had set her off. The Depakote has slowed her racing thoughts down to the point that she can express her emotions and we can address them. I think it may be worth a few tremors.
I need to jump in the shower and finish packing, and then we're off to Sister's. We are going to make it a good Thanksgiving.


Beach Walkin said...

Praying that your Thanksgiving was filled with joy and peace.

Linda B said...

Daughter has made a lot of progress! I bet you are very proud of her. I think it is so great how you talk her through the tough times. I like the idea of writing the good things down and carrying them with her. I may try that with my daughter.