Friday, November 13, 2009

A Welcome Sight and a Laugh

A little while ago the big yellow bus picked up Daughter and took her far away from me for the next 6 hours. Due to fog and a route change, it was 90 minutes late, but it came. Daughter got on it. She called me within 5 minutes, but that was just to explain that there had been a route change and that was part of the reason the bus was late. She was so excited to be going back, I think in large part because she gets to see NG, the new boyfriend.
I have decided that I'm going to pack up some books and head to Town around lunch time. I won't go to the nursing home, because I don't want to risk exposing anyone, but I will go to a fast food place to work on sermon and such. I'll stop by the store to pick up a few groceries. It will be wonderful to get out of this house. The walls were beginning to close in on me.
Far Away Sister and I both had a good laugh yesterday. Little Niece has been running a low grade fever for much of the last 4 weeks. We've been concerned, and even more concerned because Sister didn't seem to be as concerned as we were. We've been advising her to drop some of Little Niece's activities, as we didn't think an almost 5 year old needed 5 extra activities a week. So yesterday Far Away Sister got to thinking. She went online and did some research. Sister had purchased this wonderful new temporal artery thermometer (Far Away Sister and I think Little Niece should be old enough to sit still and hold a digital thermometer under her tongue, but that's another story.) It turns out that anything below 100.1 is normal on a temporal artery thermometer. Far Away Sister called Sister and suggested she really needed to read the manual. Then she called me, explaining she couldn't laugh when she was talking to Sister, but she called me because she had to laugh about it with someone. When caller ID showed Sister was calling a little later, I was still laughing. I tried hard not to, but I couldn't help it. I assured Sister that she'd laugh about it someday. Right now she's just very embarrassed. We're all relieved that Little Niece hasn't been sick all this time. Far Away Sister and I both needed the laugh. Nephew is still sick, but has recovered enough that he is doing all he can to annoy Tall Niece.

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