Saturday, November 14, 2009


One of my roles with Daughter is coach. She needs prompting on some relationship issues. NG came over to hang out today. They worked on dance moves, and then I made them quesadillas for lunch. After lunch, she was going to go back to teaching him how to dance. I suggested she offer other options, like a movie or game. He chose a game. She wanted to play Disney Scene It. I told her she needed to offer him options. They ended up playing Yahtzee.
Flasher called this morning and wanted to hang out with them. I said no. Daughter thanked me. I told her she could say no without my help. She got a message from NG telling her Flasher wanted to hang out with them. When he arrived, I told them both that they needed to learn how to say no to Flasher. I asked NG how many times Flasher had hurt them. "A lot." He acknowledged he doesn't want to hang out with Flasher, but doesn't know how to say no in the face of Flasher's persistence. So, I'll be the mean mom and say no while they are learning how to do it for themselves.
Daughter and NG seem to do well together and enjoy one another's company. NG is perfectly content to come hang out here and have me feed them. The one area where they don't seem to need any coaching is in the good bye kiss. As long as that's the extent of their physical involvement, I can live with it.

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