Friday, November 27, 2009


We met Brother for breakfast this morning, and then headed home, arriving here about 1:30. I woke up with a very sore back this morning. I think it must have been the motel bed. Daughter had to help me put on my socks. Daughter is exhausted. She's currently sleeping in a very uncomfortable position in a chair. I think she chose that spot because it is near me.
I have a wedding rehearsal in an hour. I said we'd attend the rehearsal dinner, and I have no idea why I agreed to that at this point, but I did. I still have to write the meditation for the wedding and a sermon for Sunday. I'm not motivated to do either. Mom would have been 79 today. I tell myself that's not important, but it is.
I look forward to coming home and sleeping in my own bed tonight, with a cat curled up at (or preferably on) my feet. I'll let Daughter have one of them for her feet (or maybe her butt). I also said we'd attend the reception tomorrow evening, again, I don't know why. Hopefully both will serve to distract me from the fact that today is Mom's birthday.
We made it through Thanksgiving. Daughter is already beginning to worry about Christmas, but I think Thanksgiving and Mom's birthday are the bigger challenge. I need to get Daughter moving, and I need to get over to the church and make sure everything is set up for the wedding. I need to brave a store to get a card and gift certificate for the happy couple at some point, too. That will have to wait until tomorrow.
We're home, and we survived the first Thanksgiving. Do you ever wonder who I'm trying to convince?

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debinca said...

prayers to you both, an no I never wonder who you're trying to convince (smile) One step in the right direction is great!

have fun tomorrow if possible, I am impressed with you both! Owl