Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Being Sick

Daughter is very seldom sick. Many reactive attachment disorder kids don't get sick. It's weird, but they somehow manage to stay healthy. When they are sick, they don't know how to act. Daughter will insist she isn't sick when she is, and tell me she is sick when she's healthy. It's always been a challenge to discern what's going on with her and when I need to be concerned or take her to the doctor.
Last night I gave her motrin at bedtime, as her temperature was climbing and I didn't want her to wake up miserable during the night, as Nephew has been. So far today she's been fever free, and she definitely has more energy and more of an appetite. She actually took a shower and got dressed today. She's drinking more today, too. Yesterday I couldn't convince her to drink. Her blood sugars, though, continue to run high. I've been giving her extra insulin, but I don't want to give her too much. To complicate things, I just discovered that she's been into extra food. I once again explained to her that she will recover more quickly with good blood sugars, so she needs to work with me and tell me what she's eating so we can cover it with insulin. Will she remember? Maybe.
I'm glad we don't have to deal with this very often. I'm also glad she seems to be recovering, in spite of herself.

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