Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

If I was superstitious, I'd say it was because it's Friday the 13th. But I'm not superstitious, I just haven't had a good day today. I dutifully gathered up my material and got in the car. It wouldn't start. I called roadside assistance. They sent someone from 20+ miles south of here to jump it. He didn't bring a tow truck. I could have told them it didn't need to be jumped. It wasn't turning over at all, but the electrical stuff was all coming on.
By the time he left, not only wouldn't the car start, it wouldn't shift out of park, and I couldn't get the keys out of the ignition. I called roadside assistance again. They sent someone from 20+ miles southwest of here to tow it to a dealership 15 miles northeast of here that does towing. The dealership doesn't have a loaner available. Customer assistance said the problem may not be covered by warranty. By this time, it was too late to call a rental car place and get a rental car without Daughter coming home to an empty house and having to stay alone for an extended period of time. Not a good idea.
So, I didn't get out of here today. The soonest I can get a car at this point is probably Monday sometime. I don't expect to have my car back then. They haven't even looked at it yet. Whatever the problem is, I'm going to argue that it's connected to the intermittent electrical problem they couldn't track down when the power steering module went out this summer, and since it was under warranty then, this should be covered. That's what I'm going to argue. It's less than 3,000 miles out of warranty, and it's just over 2 years old. Far Away Sister thinks that I can get them to cover it with that argument. It was made by an American company that got a government bailout, and they need to keep their customers happy. With the death of my parents, I'm not going to get a discount on those cars anymore, so they really need to keep my happy if they want me to buy another car from them....
So, even though Daughter is healthy now, I'm still stuck at home. The walls are still closing in. If I was superstitious, I'd say it had something to do with today being Friday the 13th, but I'm not superstitious, so I won't say that.


maeve said...

Try saying the word "Honda" to them if they give you trouble. I'm kidding.

My sister had a car fixed under warranty when it was at the point that yours is at. The transmission quit. It would have cost thousands of dollars, but they did it gratis. Argue. Give them options. Oh, and my sister's was a Honda.

Reverend Mom said...

I have a secret weapon. The best man for Far Away Sister’s wedding (who continues to be a good friend who flies out to see them about once a year), is an officer in the company. Far Away Sister has his number. He had a fit once when they didn’t call him about a problem they were having with a dealer. Far Away Sister (who is an electrical engineer and at one time was climbing the corporate ladder at this particular company) is coaching me on what to say and how to handle it. She’s the one who reminded me that this might very well be connected with my previous electrical problem. Since at one time she designed electrical systems in cars and then moved up to supervising engineers who designed them, she knows what she’s talking about. If I have to use my secret weapon, pity the dealer in small town rural America....