Monday, November 23, 2009

Daughter's Room and Open House

C and I went in and finished Daughter's room today. We found the usual problems-- wrappers from contraband food, used syringes, needles, and test strips, tags she had cut off clothing, dirty dishes, and pages out of various scrap books she had started and then abandoned. We took some of the storage pieces out, and removed all the craft supplies from her room. She will still have access to them, but they will not be cluttering up her room. We arranged it a little differently, and Daughter is very happy. I told C that every time I do this I tell Daughter I won't do it again, but end up back in there when it gets beyond Daughter's ability to control. C said, "Well, as long as we come in once a month-- or maybe every 2 weeks, it shouldn't get too bad. Saturday we'd gone through shoes with Daughter and gotten rid of quite a few. We put the others away. When we went in this morning, we were greeted by 3 pairs of shoes in the middle of the floor. She hadn't even worn them all.
My Christmas Open House is now less than 3 weeks away. We're going to close the door on the guest room and focus on getting the rest of the house ready for the open house. I'm grateful that I have C to help me with the preparations, because I don't know that I could get everything done on my own. The board is helping with the food, so I don't have to do all the cooking and baking myself.
The next few weeks will be very busy, but it will be a good busy.


Adelaide Dupont said...

Have a great Open House!

You and C are being very sensible about the cleaning up.

I have just cleaned up my books, except for the two I am reading (Lorna Doone and Dead Europe).

Like the way you are organising the shoes. THREE pairs not worn!

Anonymous said...

Wait....were the other pairs worn put on when she was deciding what to wear? You know, the "try on ten different outfits" stuff? She does have to look good for NG! KJK