Friday, October 29, 2010

Long Day

I spent two hours last night filling out paperwork for our initial visits with our new doctors. We saw our doctors this morning. I like them. Mine is working on my aching neck and shoulder. He also tweaked some of my medications. Tomorrow morning we're both getting blood work. Daughter liked her doctor, who happens to be a member of the downtown church of our brand.
We went out to lunch and to the warehouse store. When we got home, we headed to the home improvement store where I met two carpenters from the church who explained patio doors to me. I purchased one, and they loaded it on one of their trucks and it is now sitting in my garage. They will install it next week.
I am now using Daughter's computer (and am grateful I have it). Norton removed a nasty virus from my computer, and as a result it will no longer connect to the Internet. I tried several times to restore to an earlier point, but it wouldn't work. I'll have to see what the young engineer at the church can do with it on Sunday.
I realized today that my knees are no longer hurting. I'm also no longer walking up and down stairs all day. I'm glad I bought a one story house. There is another good thing that has come out of the mood. Locking up all the food not only helps Daughter's blood sugars, it helps my weight. I weigh less now than I have in years. God is good.


maeve said...

Love all your good news of late. Looks like you've found the perfect place.

I'll bet your weight loss has contributed to less painful knees. That always works for me, at least.

The church members are so wonderfully helpful with your household needs; we just spent three days with a handyperson fixing things in 'this old house'.

As for the darned computers, they have minds of their own. Hope you're back online soon with your own machine.

Reverend Mom said...

I have found a very good place. I don't think I've lost enough weight to have much impact on my knees, but as the loss continues I'm sure it will help. I'm very frustrated with computers right now. As I work on Daugher's, I remember why I needed a new one.