Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today and next Sunday I will have the opportunity to simply sit in a congregation with no obligation for leading worship. That is an opportunity that I don't get very often (with vacation and study leave, I can do it up to 6 Sunday mornings a year). This year I used some of my vacation for the search process, so I really didn't get as many opportunities as I would have liked.
Today I will go across town to the church where the theologian is preaching. I will go and be anonymous. I will go and experience worship in a new place. It will be wonderful. Next Sunday my hope is to go and sit in the congregation at Capital. I want to experience worship there before have the responsibility of leading it each week. I look forward to that, too.
I have gotten out of the habit of listening to podcasts of sermons on a regular basis. I want to put that back into my day, too. I want to be spiritually strong, that I might lead the people of Capital to spiritual growth. I'm excited about beginning ministry with them. There is much to do this week, but I think (hope) that by the time I begin work on the 18th, we will be unpacked and settled in. For today, I am grateful for the opportunity to sit in worship.

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