Tuesday, October 5, 2010

45 Days

We picked up the medicaid application today, then went to a train station that has been converted into a pizza place and ate lunch and filled out the application. We took it back. They will let us know within 45 days if Daughter is approved. We don't have an appointment with a caseworker, and the only thing the worker who took the application would tell us is that we'll hear within 45 days. We need Medicaid before we start assessment to get her into a program.
Daughter was distressed by the application process, and told me it made her feel worthless. The fact that it could be 45 days before we hear from them and can begin seeking out services for her was also very distressing. I have to admit I'm not thrilled with the idea that it could be months before I get her settled into a program.
On a more positive note, I now have church keys and an alarm code. I stopped by the church today, and I'm going to love it. There were people stopping by and activities being discussed. I found a flyer on my desk about a program this weekend. One of the churches in the area has a well known theologian coming in for several events. I heard him over 25 years ago, and he was wonderful.
Tomorrow will be another busy day. I'm working to get some structure and routine into Daughter's life. If it's going to be a while before she can start in a program, I'm going to have to help her figure out ways to cope without one.

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