Friday, October 8, 2010

So Much for Doing Things Gradually

I had great plans for living with things the way they are for a year before making changes to the house. Of course, when I had a crew of volunteers ready to paint, I decided not to wait to choose paint colors. When the curtains in the living room fell apart in the washing machine, I decided to order a pleated shade immediately for in there. The pleated shade has arrived, and is sitting in a box in the living room. Sister Best Friend and SBFHusband are coming today, and installing the shade is one of the items on my list of things to do. I also find myself wanting to find the valance or whatever I will put over it to finish the room. I've been looking at drapes for the family room, and have decided that I definitely need to paint the ceiling and the walls above the panelling. I want it all done now. Never mind that there are still some boxes to be unpacked in my bedroom, study, basement and garage.
I hope to hang some art work today and finish unpacking the upstairs boxes. It didn't take very long for this place to feel like home, and I'm impatient to get things finished. Hopefully today will be a productive day.

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Cathy said...

It looks really cosy! And the garden (yard), visible through the windows looks lovely!