Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Frustrations and Joys

A friend warned me it will likely to take more than 45 days to get Daughter's Medicaid. According to her sources, the system is overwhelmed and understaffed right now. I decided I'd best find a doctor, since she will be out of some of her meds at the end of the month. So, I called the family practice group recommended by the nurse on the search committee. They aren't accepting new patients right now. I can call back in a couple of months. The woman couldn't tell me of any doctors who were accepting new patients. I tried another family practice group connected with the same hospital. They might take us. The woman took a lot of information and said they'd let me know in a week or so. She asked about the meds Daughter was on, and suggested an internist might be a better choice. I asked that they provide a referral if they aren't willing to take her on, and requested it be a woman. She warned me I may need to take Daughter to urgent care to get her prescriptions. Sigh.
On a more positive note, we went to the bank, out to lunch, the home improvement store, and an office supply store. We went east and then west of home for these. The total mileage for all of our errands was less than the mileage one way in Tiny Village.
The bank I chose also holds my mortgage and is the one the church uses. Because of the mortgage, I got a good deal on my other accounts. They faxed the forms to the church, and I'm already set up for direct deposit of my pay checks. In Tiny Village, they didn't trust computers and would never have considered direct deposit. They contacted Social Security for me about getting Daughter's SSI direct deposited. They entered many of my accounts into bill pay for me.
I've been pondering what I'm going to do with Daughter as I wait for her Medicaid to start so we can get her assessed and enrolled in a program. Today I offered her two options: we can find adult daycare, or we can get her activities to do at the church. She chose activities to do at the church. I'm going to look for craft things she can do. She requested beads to make jewelry. She wanted to go buy them today, but I said we'd wait until right before I start work so she won't be bored with them by then. Anyone have suggestions for easy crafts to keep her busy? Crafts that don't generate junk? I think I'll throw some academic work in, too. She talks about wanting to get more education every so often.
We'll make it work. Tomorrow I need to find her a dentist. She still has a bad tooth.


Kristin said...

Medicaid has a federal limit of 45 days. If you don't see action by that time, I definitely recommend calling the state office. A few calls to them should get the ball rolling. I had to do that with my pregnancy medicaid, and it was pushed through in no time.

Reverend Mom said...

Thanks, Kristin, I'll see what connections there are in the congregation. My information on the problems comes from a colleague who has a member who works in legal aid-- she says they can't get through to caseworkers these days, and that they are not meeting the federal requirements. Hopefully this county is doing a bit better.