Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Morning of Running

I am slowly beginning to get my freezers stocked up. I made spanish rice Sunday evening and put 6 servings in the freezer. Yesterday I bought 2 packages of chicken at the warehouse store and put them in the freezer. I also have the ingredients to make spaghetti and taco meat for the freezer.


This morning, though, is going to be a morning of errands. We'll drop off things off at a donation site, go pick up a medicaid application, drop some things off at the church, go open bank accounts, and probably stop by the store yet again for more items we need. The nonstick surface on the bathtub wore off long ago, so I really need to buy a bathmat before one of us falls.


Daughter continues to do well. I'm sure at some point the lack of a daily routine will begin to take a toll, but it helps that I'm keeping her busy and that she is getting lots of attention from me. Last night she went to the basement to watch TV. She loves the fact that the system I ordered enables her to be downstairs watching a different TV show from what I have on upstairs. She likes having the food locked up and having to ask for food. She's a little bit frustrated because I have yet to let her go explore the mall on her own. I've promised that will come in time.


When we were coming back from Tiny Village on Sunday, she insisted the move was a mistake and we needed to turn around and go back. Once we got home, she was content. I really am amazed at how well she is handling things. The weather is cool down and it is feeling more like fall. I think I may need to see if I can find some firewood today so we can try out the fireplace this evening. I think we'd both enjoy that.


The picture is our front door-- with the wreath given to us in Tiny Village on Sunday. I'll post more pictures as we get more rooms finished. I've yet to hang any art, but we are making progress.


Anonymous said...

The wreath is lovely. Now that you're in a bigger town you may get lots of trick or treaters. Will you and your DD carve a pumpkin? My three insist on having their own carved pumpkins every year even though the youngest is 16. Naturally, they're all "too busy" to help me carve but at least they generally approve of the end results.
BTW, thanks for the broccoli salad recipe. It's similar to the one from Southern Living. I decreased the amount of sugar and bacon and added slivered almonds. The dressing is 1 cup mayonnaise, 2 T balsamic vinegar and 2 tsp sugar.

Reverend Mom said...

We haven't done much with Halloween the last few years. Our street is full of kids, so I'm sure we'll need lots of candy. I think we may do pumpkins this year.

I'm going to try that dressing-- it would definitely be cheaper than buying marzetti's!