Saturday, October 16, 2010

Settling In

Daughter is much calmer and doing so much better as we settle in. This morning when she got up, she reminded me it was Saturday, and I had promised to take her shopping for jewelry making supplies to keep her busy next week on Saturday. I told her she had to do some things first, and reminded her that she hadn't worked as long as the rest of us had yesterday. She acknowledged that was true. While I was making her a list, she began putting away the clean laundry-- one of the times I had planned to put on her chore list. I told her she had to move, as I wanted to be back before the football game started. I heard her crying as she dusted the living room. There are a number of reminders of my parents in the living room-- pictures and some of their furniture. I called her and hugged her, acknowledging it was hard to see reminders of them, and sometimes they made me sad, too. I told her she could look at those things and miss them and feel bad, or she could look at them and remember all the good memories. I reminded her that there would be more good memories. She completed her chores without complaining.
We went to the craft store and the grocery store, and she was cooperative, and didn't protest when I said no to some of her requests. I really do feel like we are settling in. Instead of unpacking, the focus has shifted to keeping things clean. I printed out the form to get Daughter enrolled in Special Olympics. Sister Best Friend found the website and emailed me a link. We can get the doctor to fill that out when we're there on the 29th. I feel ready to start work on Monday. I'm looking forward to starting work on Monday. I'm loving our new home and this community.

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