Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Love My Life

This morning began our stewardship campaign. Daughter decided to turn it around today, which was good. I wasn't thrilled with the PowerPoint-- not being able to access the Internet from my computer made it hard. I couldn't find my church keys. I forgot to turn my cordless mike on. It was a wonderful morning.
I met more people today. They loved my sermon. They thought it was a great stewardship sermon. The congregation stopped staffing a toddler room several years ago, there weren't any children. I had several discussion after church today. We're going to staff a nursery-- there were 3 children in worship this morning who could have used it. That's exciting, and I'm sure the congregation will be pleased.
Several people were asking for time with me today, but it should be an easier week. I need several solid blocks of time in the office to do some planning and worship work.
The best news of the day was that Brother called this afternoon, and told me how to solve my computer problem. I had been prepared to reformat and reload all my software, and all I had to do was uncheck one box in explorer. I'm grateful. We carved a pumpkin and are ready for the neighborhood goblins this evening.

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