Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This Sunday we will worship at our new church home. The regional church official is preaching, and after worship I will go out to lunch with him and Daughter will go home with the friends who had us over for supper last night. I am ready to get started, and am looking forward to just sitting in worship with the congregation.
In 2 weeks, we'll host the minister who guided the church through the search process for supper. I want to get her insights into the congregation, and she suggested we go out for lunch or coffee, but I decided to have her for supper. I love cooking for others, and this way Daughter can eat with us and then retreat to the basement and her TV. We are going to tackle the basement today, which I am eager to do. Last night I got most of my room done while talking on the phone with a young woman from Tiny Village. She was depressed and needed to talk. So, we talked.
Daughter is missing Tiny Village quite a bit, and I have been surprised by how little I miss it. I was ready for the move, and I love this place. I know that this is where God wants me, and I so I have a great peace about it. Daughter did have a better day yesterday. We worked together on the study/guest room, and she had dinner with new friends to anticipate. I hope that working on the basement and her hang out area will be exciting for her. We will figure out this morning the fun thing we will do this evening to keep us both motivated. We will build in breaks. We will get it done. It will be a good day.

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