Monday, October 25, 2010

The First Board Meeting

Tonight was the first board meeting. Their meetings have been running about 45 minutes. Tonight we went 2 hours. We had some good discussions, made some plans, and tweaked some things. They were wonderfully receptive and very affirming of the way I led the meeting. I heard more good comments on yesterday's worship. We are all excited about the opportunities before us.
There is work to be done, and my calendar is filling up rapidly. This morning there was a letter for me from the crazy man who was in worship yesterday. His first line was something about a brief letter-- at the beginning of a 6 page letter. He's coming to talk to me tomorrow afternoon. I'm going to ask Administrative Assistant to interrupt for an important matter after I've spent 45 minutes with him. He could easily monopolize my day. I have learned to set my boundaries.
I'm loving every minute of this, and falling further behind every day. I will need be very intentional about my time management. As you can tell, blog posts are not going to be as frequent.


Marge said...

Yes, make sure Administrative Assistant is around the whole time, too. You never know! You need to be careful. Otherwise it sounds like things are going well.


Reverend Mom said...

When I shared my plans with the board (his short letter included a suggestion I passed on to the board), they suggested I leave the door open as well. They are concerned that he is hanging around the church so much and are worried about our safety. The church has a camera and intercom at the door, so we can keep it locked and unlock it after we know how is there. They are concerned for our safety, which is nice.