Sunday, October 24, 2010

Reflections after a Week

I've now been the pastor of this church for a week. I am amazed at how much more energy I have. I look forward to getting into the office very day. I like being back in in a metropolitan area. Daughter and i just made a quick run to a superstore. We bought some art things to keep her busy this week (the jewelry didn't work out very well), some more flower bulbs, and some milk.
I had someone offer to help with Daughter today. Her husband works midnights, but she doesn't work and is available during the day while he is working. I think I'll check with her for help on those days when I have a breakfast meeting. Daughter can stay with Administrative Assistant once she's in, but before she's in this gives me an alternative. The first board meeting is tomorrow evening. They are used to short meetings, so they won't be thrilled with me. I have lots of things I want to cover tomorrow.
My calendar is beginning to fill up-- there are lots of people who want time with me, and a few that I want to talk to about upcoming events. Next Sunday the stewardship campaign begins, and there's talk of beginning a capital funds campaign in January. I'd prefer to wait a bit longer than that, but we'll see.
Friday we will meet our new doctors. I'm hoping we will hear about a case manager and will be able to begin figuring out a program for Daughter this week. It's going to be a busy week, and since I'm battling a sinus infection, so I think I'll go to bed early. I think they are going to come measure my patio door for replacement this week. There are three men who are going to do that for me. Once they've measured, I'll go choose a new door, and if it's in stock, it will be installed quickly. Once the new patio door is in, I'll put a bird feeder outside the family room window. I don't want to put up a bird feeder until I have easy access to it.
I really feel like this is the ministry for which God has been preparing me. I'm excited about the opportunities and challenges that are ahead. I love my new home. I love this congregation. I'd been searching sporadically for over 4 years. This was definitely worth waiting for. Like I promised Daughter, God has called us to the right place at the right time.


Cathy said...

Delighted to hear things are going so well.

Reverend Mom said...

Thanks, Cathy. I'm having fun.