Thursday, October 21, 2010


At the reception on the Saturday I was here for the congregational vote, a rather unique individual cornered me. Choir Director intervened, and explained later that she was "EGR." I was confused, "EGR?" "Extra Grace Required."
Yesterday I sent Choir Director an email, telling him that Daughter wanted to join the choir, and I planned to bring her tonight. I told him if there were problems or she was becoming a hindrance, to let me know. I told him I was more than willing to pull her out and take the blame if there was a problem.
He responded quickly, telling me he would love to have her in the choir, and while he'd let me know if there were issues, he wasn't concerned. His closing line, "To be perfectly frank with you, if we can support [EGR] for all these years, we can support [Daughter]!"
I think joining the choir will be good for Daughter. She's struggling. It has become a real battle to get her out of bed in the morning. She lost TV privileges and earned an early bedtime yesterday, and still wouldn't get up this morning. When I got in the shower, I told her that as soon as I was done in the bathroom, it would be her turn. She acknowledged me, but then wouldn't get up when I got out. She lost TV privileges and earned an early bedtime and was about to lose choir when she got out of bed. We will still be in the office by 8:00. I did laundry, fixed breakfast, packed our lunches, and read the newspaper while I was waiting for her. Tomorrow's my day off, and we'll spend the next 2 days doing things together. I think we'll go to a cider mill one of those days. Hopefully after some mom time she'll be more cooperative next week.


maeve said...

I've been reading and thinking. I've decided that your situation with daughter is the same as when I got an Executive Director job when Miss K was four and didn't have her grandpa to take care of her at home. Yikes. I don't know what I'd have done.

You're doing an amazing job of juggling responsibilities. Clearly your church members knew what they were getting into and have embraced Daughter. You're a lucky woman. And an extremely busy woman with a ton of responsibilities.

Keep us posted.

Hey Barbara Billingsley just died -- she was the model mom on Leave It To Beaver. I wouldn't stack up very well against her sweetness.

Reverend Mom said...


I'm doing what working moms have done for years. Daughter is a little older than Miss K was then-- at least physically. Thanks for your kind words. I am very blessed to be here.