Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Taking a Toll

The uncertainty on what her program will look like and when she will be able to to start is taking a toll on Daughter. She sobbed in my arms this afternoon, insisting we needed to go back to Tiny Village.
We made progress on the basement this morning, and then this afternoon we went to the home improvement store and stopped by the church, where I talked to some folks and unpacked some boxes. They are getting me a church credit card. I'm going to have to figure out how I want to structure my work week. In Tiny Village, my day off was Monday. Here, the majority of meetings are on Monday night. In fact, I have two meetings this Monday evening. The office is closed on Monday. My predecessor made Monday a reading day and worked from home that day. He took Friday and Saturday off. I'm going to have to experiment. I told the Administrative Assistant to begin thinking of jobs we could have Daughter do.
Thursday afternoon we have an invitation to some visit some members, who will introduce us to their neighbor, the mother of an autistic man in a group home. She knows the system. Hopefully she'll be a helpful resource. I have more names of potential doctors I need to call. Progress is being made.

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