Monday, October 4, 2010

So Much for 2-4 Hours

So the tech arrived to install stuff a little after 9:00. The signal wasn't strong enough, so he put in a request to a cable tech. He got a stronger signal, and the original tech came back. It was after 4:00 before he finished. They said 2-4 hours for the install. I was actually tied up for 7 hours. We did get a lot of work done in the garage, and how have room to park the car in it again. Unfortunately, Sister wants me to save all my boxes as she expects to be moving in a few months. We are collapsing them, but even collapsed they take up a lot of space. Daughter worked with me on the garage, and is delighted to have her own TV space in the basement. She is also back online.
We didn't get a medicaid application, nor did we get to the bank. I think we'll head to the warehouse store this evening. Tomorrow morning we'll pick up the medicaid application and go to the bank to open new accounts.
One major frustration is with the post office in Tiny Village. I had ordered my mail held, and then asked to have it delivered on Saturday. My plan was to pick it up Sunday, and have forwarding begin today. So I checked yesterday. No mail.
I called the post office today. They didn't deliver it because there was a forwarding order to begin today, and they were confused. They offered to deliver it today. I pointed out I wasn't there today. So, they are forwarding to it. I'm not happy, but we'll survive.


Anonymous said...

Tell your sister that the squirrels are your boxes and she'll just have to get herself some new ones. No way would I start cluttering up my new place with a bunch of empty boxes that might not be needed for awhile. Two to three months has a way of becoming loooooonger.
BYW, the best way to get a repair guy, delivery person, or installer to show up is to take off your clothes............... and get in the shower.

Reverend Mom said...

The boxes aren't going to stay long-- she's going to have to find a place for them. I'll at least hold on the wardrobe boxes for her-- they are collapsed against the wall and out of the way. The others, we'll see.

I think I'd rather wait than get caught in the shower....