Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Different Day

Today we went over to the church and unpacked some books. I got set up on the network, and had the drivers installed for the new color copier we just got. There were people coming in and out, and the passing conversations were fun. Daughter got a little bored, but she did well. We came home and headed over to meet a woman who serves as an advocate for parents who are seeking services for their children. She's going to check some things out and get back to me. I will call tomorrow and see about getting the intake appointment set up, even though the Medicaid hasn't come through yet.
I had made appointments for Daughter and me with new doctors. They are in the same practice. I chose the woman for Daughter, and the man for me, since he has training in using manipulation to relieve back and neck pain. The couple who introduced me to the advocate use these doctors and like them. I was pleased to hear that. They also told me there is an urgent care center right next to the practice if I decide I need to do something before my appointment on October 29.
I think I have decided on a pattern for my work week, at least as I begin. Like my predecessor I'm going to make Monday a reading day, but instead of reading at home, I'll go in and read in the office. The Administrative Assistant is off on Monday, so hopefully it will be a quiet day. I know that if I tried to do my reading at home, there would be too many distractions. I also realize that people may stop by the church when they see my car there, and that's okay. Those distractions are opportunities for ministry. Friday and Saturday I will take off. My hope is that the sermon will be done by Thursday. We'll see how that works. I will be in the office in the mornings, and the afternoon will be for visitation and meetings. I will continue to schedule some personal appointments during the day, since I will be spending many evenings at the church.
I'm looking forward to getting started.

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