Saturday, October 9, 2010


Sister Best Friend and SBFHusband came yesterday to help with the ongoing settling in. We didn't get everything on my list done, but I'm delighted about how much we did get done, including a big job that wasn't on my list. The pleated shade has been hung in the living room. My first local newspaper arrived yesterday, and the big department store at the mall is having a huge sale on window treatments, so SBF and I headed there while Daughter and SBFHusband headed to the home improvement store to get supplies to hang a mirror and a clothes rod. I was looking for scarves to drape over the window with the pleated shade, but as we were wandering through the window treatments, we discovered the perfect drapes for the family room. We had to order two scarves for the living room, but after 2 trips we hung 8 panels in the family room. We all agree they were perfect.

I knew I wanted something with grommets, but was struggling to find the right color. I had considered brown (to match the panelling), blue (blue to match the furniture) and had finally decided on a light off white or natural to lighten the room. The ones we found are off-white with a wide brown panel at the bottom and narrow horizontal blue and brown strips right above the brown panel.

We came home and took the drapery rods that were in the windows apart, removing the working parts and dusting them. We threw the panels in the dryer to get out the wrinkles, and then we hung them. We also selected and hung some art. I have decided I need to purchase a touchier light for the corner behind the TV and a new lampshade for one of the lamps, but other than that, the family room is done, and I love it. I love it as much as I love the kitchen. Last week we had drilled holes to run speaker wire to the top of the built in bookshelves and notched the cabinet to allow room for an extension cord to run to the components.

Daughter is struggling. She didn't have TV privileges yesterday because she wouldn't get out of bed. That soured her mood. At one point she said, "Get these people out of here!" and stormed off to her bedroom. SBF asked if they should leave, but I told her to stay. When we finished the family room, we called Daughter back to play a card game. She had a blast, and went to bed happy. I was glad that we were able to end the evening on a positive note for her.

I'm going to have to figure out something for her to do this coming week. The unstructured time is just so hard on her. She claimed she was hearing voiced on Thursday. Yesterday she had a sobbing meltdown and insisted we had to go back to Tiny Village. I need to give her something to look forward to here and a place where she can make new friends. Hopefully I can begin that process on Monday or Tuesday (don't know what will be open on Columbus Day.)
The pictures are the family room. Again, my cell phone doesn't provide the best quality, but you get the idea.

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