Sunday, October 10, 2010

Change of Pace

After worship this morning we ate in a restaurant Daughter has been wanting to try. We went to the famous farm market down the road and bought more apples. Then we came home and I read the paper while Daughter napped. I turned on a football game and we began cooking. I peeled apples and Daughter used our corer/slicer on those that would fit (some were too big). When we were done, we'd made 10 cups of apple sauce. There are 16 servings of apple sauce in individual containers labeled with date and carb count locked in the freezer. The other 2 cups we're going to give to our supper hosts tomorrow night. .
Then I made spaghetti-- 13 servings of it. We ate 2 servings for supper, and the rest is labeled and locked in the freezer. Once again I am amazed by how much easier it is to cook in my new kitchen. I am amazed by how much less exhausting shopping is when the stores are within 5 minutes of home instead of 20 minutes (or more) away. The kitchen is clean, and Daughter is downstairs watching her shows while I am upstairs watching my shows.
This week I'm gong to see if I can begin the process of getting Daughter assessed for service without Medicaid. We're going to finish unpacking. I may start unpacking and organizing my new office at the church. Friday we're going to go see Secretariat with Sister Best Friend and SBFHusband.
In a while, I'll have Daughter come watch a show we both enjoy with me. I'll have her help me plan out the week. She's already said she wants to tackle the study/guest room tomorrow. Sounds good to me.

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