Friday, October 22, 2010

A Pattern?

Yesterday evening Daughter started crying and complaining that she was in pain. This evening, as we were coming home, Daughter started crying, telling me she had a terrible headache. I'm wondering if this is her newest way of expressing her stress. I'm being careful not to react too much. I tell her I'm sorry she's not feeling well. Yesterday, she took something for the pain at bedtime. I told her she could have something tonight, too, but she forgot to ask. When we got home, the headache was forgotten.
It was a productive day. I made 5 lbs of dry pinto and 5 lbs of ground turkey into chili, most of which will go into the freezer. I bought half a bushel of apples today. Some will become applesauce for the freezer, and I think I'll make a pie for Wednesday night, when we're having someone over for supper. The house and yard are in pretty good shape now. There is still some work to do in the garage and basement, and some art to hang, but this is home. I love it more each day.

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