Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Different Approach

So this afternoon Daughter's blood sugar was sky high. I knew she had been into food, and I also knew that if I asked her what she'd eaten she'd get mad and deny everything. So, I apologized for messing up her insulin. I told her I really felt bad that I had miscalculated so badly. I talked about how guilty I felt. She confessed. She found cake in the church kitchen. The kitchens will be locked tomorrow.
I had two men come into chat today. They are concerned about the first board meeting Monday night. Apparently there are some people who are eager to get things they don't like fixed. They see my arrival as an opportunity to do it. They are concerned that I will be ambushed Monday night. I am grateful for their concern, and hopeful that I'll be able to handle the issues that will come up.
I also had a phone call from a man who is on disability for mental illness. He wanted to tell me all about how his life had been destroyed by the fundamentalist church he grew up in. He told me all about the impossibility of being sure God existed. He was a master manipulator, and when I tried to disengage he'd start hinting about suicide. Unfortunately for him, Daughter has taught me boundaries and how to avoid getting hooked.
It was a productive day. We got a lot done. I was going to go visit a man who had cancer surgery last week. When I called and warned them I had a cold, they decided they'd prefer not to see me this week. We did have a good phone conversation. Tomorrow we have Daughter's assessment for services at 3:00. I think we'll both be relieved when that is behind us.

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