Friday, October 22, 2010


Today is my day off, and so I have been taking care of cleaning, cooking, laundry, and finishing Daughter's enrollment in Medicaid. I had to choose a health plan for her. When I called to get her an appointment last week, they told me what plan to pick, but of course, I forgot. So, I called the office to find out what plan I was supposed to pick. The woman who answered didn't know what I was talking about. She put me on hold. After a long time on hold, another woman picked up the line and asked why I was waiting. I explained, and she told me they wouldn't accept Daughter as a patient because she's on Medicaid. I pointed out my insurance is primary. She said that didn't matter. I pointed out that I had been told it was fine when I made the appointment last week. She put me on hold. Finally she came back and said okay, they'd see Daughter, and it didn't make any difference what Medicaid plan she was in.
So I called Medicaid to enroll Daughter in a plan. They put me on hold. They had a very irritating rotation of 3 different voices and messages assuring me my call was important and to please continue to hold. Of course, when they finally got to me, they had to get Daughter's permission to talk to me. Daughter was not in a cooperative mood. She was outside working with a woman who came over to do some yard work. I gave her the phone, and she said she didn't understand the man. I finally found out what he needed and dragged her into the house and had her read the case number and our address. She did. I enrolled her in a plan. The man suggested I get guardianship papers on file with her case manager. Of course, that means I have to find time to fill them out, file them with the court, and attend the hearing. I think it's moving up on the priority list.

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