Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mean and Unreasonable

Daughter is convinced that I am mean and unreasonable. This morning we went for blood work and breakfast out. Daughter was wearing an orange sweater. When we got home, we went out to do some yard work. She changed into a sweatshirt and put a hoodie over it. When we finished in the yard, she came in and put on a t-shirt. She knows I keep the house cool during the day-- 64. When she complained that she was cold, I pointed out that the t-shirt wasn't a good choice. She went into her bedroom and came out wearing a white sweater. I protested that that was the 5th top she'd had on today. (Anything she has worn, no matter how briefly, ends up in the hamper.) She went in and put yet another shirt on over it and proceeded to rage about how it was her business what she wore and I had no right to complain. I think that Daughter is working real hard to get me to correct her today. I'm not sure why she needs to be contrary today, but she certainly is working hard at it today.
It's not just all the tops she's worn today. She's also mad because I won't order pizza after taking her out to breakfast. I won't let her buy a new Halloween costume with money she doesn't have. (She's not doing anything or going anywhere for Halloween, and several years ago I spent a lot of time making her a pink poodle skirt).
Right now she's retreated to her bedroom to pout. She's supposed to be cleaning her room, where the floor is littered with all the clothes she's tried on over the last 2 days. I'm sure they will all end up in hamper. I'm just so mean and unreasonable.

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